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Boise State eCampus encompasses all courses taught at a distance using educational technology. This includes more than 500 unique courses, and 35 fully online programs (26 graduate degrees and certificates, 9 undergraduate completion programs).

Characteristics of eCampus Courses

All eCampus courses have the essential qualities characteristic of distance education courses, as defined by Verduin and Clark (1991):

  1. Physical and/or time separation of the student and the instructor during the majority of class.
  2. The use of educational technology to bring together the student and instructor and to transmit course content.
  3. Two-way communication between the instructor and student.

What does this mean at Boise State University?

At Boise State, eCampus encompasses all academic courses that are taught online or at a distance using educational technology to deliver or convey the class content and communication between the instructors and students.

Students unable to attend in-person classes or need the flexibility of fitting classes into their lifestyle will benefit from online classes.

The format of online classes is similar to traditional classes with regard to schedule and workload. Instructors provide students with assignments, set deadlines, and interact on a regular basis through discussion boards, instant chat, and e-mail. Strategies for success in an online class include dedicating a certain amount of time each week to completing class work, reading directions carefully, and participating on a regular basis during each week. Learn more about online class requirements.

Is eCampus Right for You?

Does your schedule allow enough time for online learning? Can you communicate effectively with others? Are you comfortable around technology? This Self-Assessment survey will help you discover the answers to these questions and more.

Online learning requires you to manage your time independently, communicate effectively, and utilize technology. Success in these courses requires you be self-directed, self-motivated, and self-confident.

You’ll be asked a series of nine questions related to time management, communication, and technology. Choose the answer that best describes you – there is no right or wrong answer so choose the statement that best describes you.