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Can I earn a complete degree through eCampus?

Boise State eCampus offers bachelor-level degree completion programs, certificates, master programs, and doctorate degrees — all of which can be completed at a distance. For more information see eCampus Programs. At this time, full Associates and Bachelor’s degrees are not available through eCampus at Boise State University.

Am I required to take proctored exams?

Some online courses do require proctored exams, but some do not. For those that do not require a proctored exam, you complete the exam online following your instructors instructions.

For those that do require a proctored exam, you will need to locate an approved proctor near you. For further information see the Boise State Testing Center.

What major or academic program is right for me?

The Advising and Academic Enhancement office at Boise State offers one-on-one peer and professional academic advising for students who are undecided and have not declared a major. For more information visit the Advising and Academic Enhancement website.

I have declared a major. How do I find an academic advisor?

Faculty in individual academic departments provide advising for students once a major is declared. Visit the Advising Information page to search for a specific academic department.

Do I have to be admitted to Boise State to take eCampus classes?

Yes. You must be admitted as either a non-degree or degree-seeking student to enroll in eCampus courses or programs. For more information about admission standards, requirements and deadlines, visit the Admissions website. For a quick overview of the admission and registration process visit Getting Started with eCampus.

Can I transfer credits from another institution?

Yes. Boise State accepts all college-level academic credits from regionally accredited institutions. Visit the Admissions website for more information about transferring credits.

Do I have to be an Idaho resident to take eCampus classes?

You do not need to be an Idaho resident to take eCampus classes. You do, however, need to be an Idaho resident to qualify for in-state resident tuition rates. Requirements and procedures for declaring Idaho residency are located in the University Catalog. Information about tuition rates can be found at Student Financial Services.

How long do eCampus classes last?

Most eCampus classes run the full length of the semester which traditionally is 16 weeks in the fall and spring with shorter condensed sessions over the intersession and summer. Dates are listed on myBoiseState, and the eCampus Course list page also indicates if courses have condensed meeting dates.

How much does it cost to take an eCampus course?

Current tuition and fees are available at the Student Financial Services website. When searching for courses on myBoiseState, pay close attention to additional course fees listed. These course fees are, in most cases, in addition to the regular per-credit and tuition rates.

Is the credit received through eCampus courses different from traditional, in-person courses?

Because eCampus courses fulfill the same requirements and meet the same learning outcomes as traditional in-person courses, there is no difference in the credit received through eCampus.

How do I access my online courses?

Online instructors initiate contact with students by sending out a “Welcome” email. This initial email provides important course information including but not limited to:

  • Instructor introduction
  • Instructions for accessing the online course website
  • A copy of the course syllabus
  • Important course policies
  • Reminders about university dates and deadlines
  • Instructor and course expectations
  • Technical requirements
  • Support information

Look for this “Welcome” email before or on the first day of the semester. Once you receive this email, access your online courses as soon as possible. If you do not receive an email, you should either contact the instructor of the course or the eCampus Center.

Is tutoring available for eCampus students?

Yes. For more information please see the Advising and Academic Enhancement’s Tutoring Information page.

I am a high school student interested in taking an online class. Can I apply to Boise State?

You may be able to register for Boise State eCampus classes as a high school student through our concurrent enrollment program. For more details see Boise State Concurrent Enrollment.