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To register for and view additional information about online courses including class notes, synchronous requirements, and course fees, follow the directions outlined below.

Navigate to the my.BoiseState Class Search Screen

Boise State students

Go to and log in to your myBoiseState Student Center account. Select Enroll, and then Class Search. Follow the Search for Online Classes directions below.

Guest Access

To search for courses as a guest (no log in required), see Boise State Course Search.

Search for Online Classes on the Search Screen

  1. Use the drop-down menu to choose the term in which you are interested. Leave the Show Open Classes Only box checked to list classes that still have seats available. To see all classes being offered according to your search criteria, whether or not they are full, uncheck this box.

    Click the 'Term' drop-down menu and select the desired academic term.

  2. You must select at least 2 criteria to search for classes. From the Course Career drop-down menu choose Undergraduate or Graduate.

    For 'Course Career' choose 'Undergraduate' or 'Graduate' -- whichever level you need.

  3. Select Internet in the Mode of Instruction drop-down menu.
  4. For 'Mode of Instruction' choose 'Internet' to search for online courses.

  5. Click on the Search button.

    When you have made your selections, click the search button at the bottom on the screen.

Important Course Information

  1. Select View All Sections or use the arrows in the blue bar to view individual sections. Click on the class section number to view details about the class.


  2. It is important to read the details associated with any class you select. If you sign up for a course, you are reserving a seat and are responsible for any fees and requirements associated with it. Consider carefully before you sign up; eCampus courses are not for everyone.
  3. Some courses may require special skills, others may require prerequisite or corequisite courses, and others may have separate sections for in-state and out-of-state students.


For Additional Help Contact the eCampus Center

Listing of eCampus Classes

Take a look at our Course List for more information about eCampus courses and instructors.