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Welcome to Boise State eCampus! To help you get started and to familiarize you with the process of applying to Boise State University, we have complied the following resources for you to review. If you need assistance at any time during the application process, contact a representative in the eCampus Center.

To get started as a Degree Seeking Student at Boise State…

Apply to Boise State University

Learn more about Admissions

Current Boise State students with an active student account do not apply separately to enroll in eCampus classes. Simply follow these instructions to find and register for online courses on myBoiseState.

If you have never enrolled in a course at Boise State or it's been less than one year, submit an application for admission. Visit Boise State Admissions to get started today.

Please note: Your application will not be reviewed until it is complete. This includes submitting official transcripts, any required test scores, and the application fee.

Application Fees

  • Undergraduate Applications: $50
  • International Undergraduate Applications: $85
  • Graduate Applications: $65
  • International Graduate Applications: $95

Admission Deadlines

  • Fall (Aug - Dec): May 15
  • Spring (Jan - May): November 15
  • Summer (May - Aug): May 15

Plan for the Costs

Learn more about Financial Aid

As part of the admission process, you can also submit an application for Federal Student Aid by completing your FAFSA.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships provides all the information you will need to navigate the financial aid process.

Be sure to review the materials available on their website. If you need assistance you can also contact a Financial Aid counselor.

Visit the Boise State Financial Aid website for more information and financial aid resources.


Complete New Student Orientation

Learn more about orientation

You will receive an admissions decision within 2-3 weeks after you have submitted all required materials including applicable transcripts and test scores.

Once admitted, you will participate in an orientation program to become familiar with Boise State and the resources available to help you succeed. You will also meet with an academic advisor and register for classes.

If all of your classes are online, you will not attend Boise State's in-person Student Orientation. Instead, you will complete an Online Orientation through Boise State eCampus. Look for the link to our online application form in your welcome email from the university.

If you plan to register in at least one class on campus and in person, visit the New Student Programs website to sign up for an in-person orientation. If you are going to take all your first semester classes online or are unable to attend an in-person orientation, you can apply to complete a Long Distance Orientation.


Prep for Success!

Learn how eCampus can help you succeed

Before you Begin your Online Course take some time to:

  • Learn about textbooks
  • Read the eCampus Quick Start Guide.
  • Access the Orientation to Online Learning
  • Explore online student support
  • Prep your computer.

Access Class on Day One

Learn more about accessing your online classes

Online instructors initiate contact with students by sending out a “Welcome” email. Look for this “Welcome” email before or on the first day of the semester and once received, access your online courses as soon as possible.

If you need help navigating or using Blackboard, review the resources available on the Blackboard Student Help page.

If you do not receive an email, you should either contact the instructor of the course or a representative in the eCampus Center.