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If you are a Boise State student (or prospective student) who will not reside in Idaho while enrolled in Boise State University courses, please be aware of the following information:

Boise State University delivers online education programs and courses throughout the United States and internationally and online offerings continue to expand. Idaho’s State Board of Education has approved all programs.

Due in part to the increased popularity of distance education, many states have prescribed an “authorization” process for out-of-state institutions delivering online programs to its state residents. Through such proactive processes, states are striving to ensure quality post-secondary education to preserve the integrity of an academic degree and to instill greater consumer protection for its citizens.

  • Authorization (sometimes referred to as “registration,” “licensure,” “approval,” etc.) indicates that the institution has met certain minimum standards under the laws and regulations of that state. Authorization does not constitute an endorsement of any institution, course or degree program. Credits earned at an institution may not transfer to all other institutions.
  • Individuals considering a course or program in preparation for professional licensing or certification outside Idaho are encouraged to seek guidance from the pertinent licensing agency in that state and contact the academic department in advance of application and periodically thereafter.

Boise State University has taken steps to protect its students and operations through nationwide compliance and participates in a voluntary State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) encompassing virtually all states. Elsewhere, Boise State University has been granted authorization or exemption or can operate without such authorization because the state’s laws do not pertain to a public institution, to an accredited institution or to the university’s activities in that state.

  • Some online programs may not be available in some states. Please contact the academic department before submitting an application.

Questions about Boise State’s authorization status?

If you are or will be enrolled in a program delivered completely online, please contact the program’s academic advisor.

If you are or will be enrolled in an online course that is not part of a program, please contact Boise State’s Regulatory Affairs Coordinator.