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According to Boise State University Policy 4190 faculty members may administratively drop students from a course for:

  1. Nonattendance, including nonattendance due to course schedule conflicts.
  2. Failure to satisfy entrance requirements, such as:
    • Unmet prerequisites
    • Failure to register for a corequisite, or
    • Inadequate class standing required to take the course.

Nonattendance that can lead to a faculty-initiated withdrawal is defined as failure to attend the first class session of a class that meets once weekly, or failure to attend the first two sessions of a class that meets twice weekly. Since online classes meet asynchronously rather than at scheduled times, it is important to clarify how the policy applies. Please make sure, therefore, that both your syllabus and initial email clearly state:

  1. How the first week’s attendance will be verified—by such activities, for example, as students logging in, posting to a particular discussion forum, and confirming they have read the syllabus, etc.
  2. What the consequences are for failing to attend class during the first week as you have defined it: that you may (or will) administratively withdraw them from the class.

In online courses, we strongly encourage faculty to drop students who have not logged in during the first week. It is usually in the best interest of both the absent student and the class.

You can fill out the Faculty Initiated Withdrawal form ( using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Send the completed form directly to the Registrar’s office by email, or fax to (208) 426-3196 for processing. eCampus instructors who do not have access to a fax machine or have questions about the process should contact Sandy Howell at (208) 426-4216. The deadline to administratively drop students is usually four working days after classes begin (Friday if classes begin on a Monday, Monday if classes begin on a Tuesday, etc.). The Academic Calendar provides the exact deadline date:

(Updated 3/12)