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The best way to find out how faculty view online teaching and the eCampus Quality Instruction Program (eQIP) is to listen to what they have to say.

eCampus Course Design Seminar

It is hard to remember that there are actual human beings on the other side of the computer screen taking this course. They should remain just as “real” as our face-to-face students. I have to create just as engaging of a course online as I should put the effort into for a face-to-face course. This is only fair to our students, and [it] shows them the level of respect I have for their education.Course Design faculty participant

eCampus Teaching Online Seminar (eTOS)

I really appreciate the opportunity to take a course in Blackboard and see how the LMS operates from the student perspective. You both did an excellent job of modeling best practices in online learning. The activities in this course were so helpful and I enjoyed the textbook too. I have gained some excellent strategies to use in my future online classes. You did a great job scaffolding the experience.eTOS faculty participant-FA18
It was good to hear what others thought about the issues/problems/situations we were learning about. It was especially helpful to see the advice from those who have already taught online. The teaching philosophy assignment, though I dreaded it, went well for me also. It was great to articulate my pedagogy in the online environment and my goals.eTOS faculty participant
Student motivation is difficult, and I was able to gain some good insight into how better to cope with keeping all students onboard and actively participating.eTOS faculty participant

Quality Matters Peer Review

I was looking over the QM Review for [my course], and many of the things the reviewers saw as strengths were in large part due to [my Instructional Design Consultant’s] feedback and insights.Peer Review faculty participant

I found the comments and advice of the reviewers invaluable; they helped me see a bigger picture of my class, its strengths and weaknesses, and how students likely encounter it. I gained useful insights on navigation and streamlining a huge body of information based on the work I have been doing my entire professional career (35 years), and it helped immensely to find some paths through the forest. Thanks for all your help and guidance throughout this process.Peer Review faculty participant