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NOTE: If you haven’t yet yet been admitted to Boise State University, you must first submit your application for admission. If you have questions, or need assistance, contact our Student Success Team at or (208) 426-5921

  1. Visit myBoiseState and enter your student user name and password. Select Log In


  2. Once logged in to your student account, select Student View to access additional account options.


  3. From the Student View screen, select Student Center from the Services menu.


  4. Select Student Homepage from under Student Administration section.

    myBoiseState-Enroll-Student Homepage

  5. To search for classes, select Class Search Enrollment

    myBoiseState-Enroll-Search and Enroll tab

  6. Select Class Search and Enroll tab.

    myBoiseState-Enroll-Search for Classes by course title

  7. Search for classes. Enter Specific Keyword(s) for immediate retrieval of courses. We suggest searching by Course Title, Course Number, or Topic After you have searched for the class. Select a course from the list of available classes by clicking the course.


  8. To show only online sections, scroll down to the “Instruction Mode” on the left and select Internet to display all of the online classes.

    myBoiseState-Enroll-Select Internet

  9. The list of search results contains brief information about each section. We highly recommend you Select the individual section to view more detailed information about the class. You also Register for the class by clicking on the course.


  10. Confirm you want to add the class and click Next.

    myBoiseState-Enroll-Confirm Course

  11. Review your class preferences such as Waitlist, Permission Number and Grading Basis. Click Accept when you are ready to proceed.

    myBoiseState-Enroll-Review Class Preferences

  12. Select Enroll or Add to Shopping Next. Click Next.

    myBoiseState-Enroll or Add to Shopping Cart

  13. Confirm the class and click Submit to complete the enrollment process.

    myBoiseState-Enroll-Confirm Course

  14. When you are done, you should see a green checkmark to signify that you’ve successfully added the section to your class schedule.

    myBoiseState-Enroll-Green Checkmark

  15. Repeat Class Search Enrollment steps as many times as necessary to fill your shopping cart.

For Assistance Registering for Online Classes

Contact your program’s Student Support representatives or our online student success team.

Enrolling in a class creates a financial obligation to Boise State University

If you decide NOT to take a class or classes, the financial obligation remains until you officially DROP the class prior to the applicable session’s Drop date. Not attending class or participating in a distance learning class is not the same as dropping the class and does not remove the financial obligation. If you have been awarded financial aid, dropping a class or classes may have financial aid impacts. You may be required to repay all or a portion of any financial aid awarded to you.

Please see the Academic Calendar to learn the drop date that applies to the session in which you have enrolled.