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The Boise State University eCampus Center announces the following job openings:

Learning Analyst

Reporting to the eCampus Center Research and Innovation Team Manager, the focus of this position will be to provide data, reporting, and statistical analysis support for eCampus Research and Innovation Team projects. In support of the new learning analytics initiative for online courses and programs, this employee will work with students, faculty, and staff to develop reports, models, and visualizations to help ensure student success and retention. To be successful, this position will need to have a firm grasp of data collection, statistical analysis, and visualization techniques as well as an understanding of learning theory.

The eCampus Center is dedicated to expanding the programs and offerings of Boise State University beyond traditional borders to meet the academic needs of students anytime, anywhere. We work in collaboration with the academic departments who have final decisions over whether a course is taught online and by whom.

If you are looking for opportunities to teach online at Boise State, we encourage you to contact the chair of any academic department where you are interested in teaching.

You may also contact Sandy Howell, Boise State eCampus Faculty Inquiries, Include your full name, preferred email address, your area of interest, and any experience in online instruction. Please also attach a copy of your vitae.

To learn more about Boise State University and the eCampus Center, take a look at our:

If you would like to know more about these job openings, you can email the eCampus Center or call (208) 426-5906.