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helpfullinkscategory_optThe eCampus Quality Instruction Program (eQIP) is a comprehensive professional development and course improvement program that supports faculty who teach online and the academic departments that offer online courses. This program has existed at Boise State for many years; offering seminars on developing and designing new online courses. However, these seminars did not help faculty who needed to teach online courses.

To address this need, in 2012, the Instructional Design Services unit in the Division of Extended Studies’ eCampus Center began developing a new seminar. The eCampus Teaching Online Seminar (eTOS) is a 6-week professional development course that provides an overview of the key knowledge and skills faculty need to successfully teach an online course. The eCampus Center identified three Boise State faculty associates to help with the project. Since its inception, 115 faculty have participated in eTOS.

eQIP Faculty Associates

Each eQIP Faculty Associate brings the perspective of an online instructor to the eCampus Quality Instruction Program. The associates apply their rich knowledge of and experience with online learning through a variety of ways:

  • Co-teaching the eCampus Teaching Online Seminar (eTOS)
  • Providing input on refinements to the eCampus Course Design & Development Seminar
  • Consulting with faculty course developers during the Quality Matters(TM) Peer Review process, assisting developers with ideas for course improvement
  • Mentoring former eQIP participants as they teach online during the semester

Dr. Jennifer Black

Jen-BlackDr. Jennifer Black is a lecturer in the English Department. She has been teaching at Boise State since 2001 and serving as an eQIP Faculty Associate since Fall 2008 to train and mentor online instructors. As a faculty member, she teaches courses in Renaissance literature, Humanities, and Composition, as well as in Foundational Studies. Her research interests include Early Modern women writers and artists, online and hybrid pedagogy, academic integrity, active learning strategies for literature courses and high-enrollment classes, and the future of higher education. Jen especially likes “talking shop” with other online instructors and swapping ideas about effective teaching.

Dr. Kim Carter-Cram

Kim-Carter-CramDr. Kim Carter-Cram teaches French and Humanities and has served as a Faculty Associate with eCampus since Summer 2012. Kim has worked in higher education for more than 25 years, specifically in Boise since 2003. Her research focuses on two areas: in literature, her published works and conference presentations examine French women’s autobiography and philosophical texts — in particular, the creation of a female “self” through writing. She is also interested in game theory and the use of a wide variety of technologies to teach (and retain) students in the online language classroom.

Dr. Patrick Lowenthal

Patrick-LowenthalDr. Patrick R. Lowenthal is an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Technology, where he teaches master’s and doctoral-level students in a fully online graduate program. He joined the eQIP team as a Faculty Associate in Spring 2014. Before moving to Idaho, Patrick worked as an Academic Technology Coordinator at the University of Colorado Denver as well an Assistant Professor at Regis University, where he began teaching online in 2003. Patrick is interested in problems of practice with teaching and learning online. He researches how faculty and students communicate using emerging technologies and specifically focuses on issues of presence, identity, and community online.

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