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Spring 2015 classes are available in mid-October. For updates and other information Follow us on Facebook or add your email to our Notification List to receive a notice when the new classes are posted to this page.
  • Sort course list by selecting titles listed in the first row, or use the search box to filter results. NOTE: This course list is updated weekly. Additional course information is found on myBoiseState Class Search.

    Class Nbr
    (Sect No)
    Start Date
    End Date
    2014 Fall74820OPWL 551 (4202)E-Learning Content Design3Quincy Conley9/29/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall74821OPWL 551 (4203)E-Learning Content Design3Quincy Conley9/29/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall74463BUSMBA 501 (4202)Design Thinking & Strategic Mg4Christy Suciu10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall75059BUSMBA 502 (4202)Business Foundations1Kirk Smith10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall75060BUSMBA 510 (4201)People and Organizations4Jim Wanek10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall75061BUSMBA 535 (4201)Info Tech & Business Alignment4Karen Corral10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall75058BUSMBA 555 (4202)Business Plan Development4Jeff Sugheir10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72444COUN 494 (4001)Workshop: Building Social Confidence2Ben Swanson & Joann Swanson10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72447COUN 494 (4002)Workshop: Building Social Confidence2Ben Swanson & Joann10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72357COUN 494 (4567)Violence in Sch: ID/Prev/Inter2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72445COUN 494 (4568)Harass, Bullng & Cyb Intim Sch2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72358COUN 494 (4569)Drugs/Alchl Schools: Undst Sub2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72367COUN 494 (4576)Traumatized Child: Effects Lrn2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72369COUN 494 (4577)Child Abuse: Wrkng w/Ab/Neg Ch2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72368COUN 494 (4578)Undrstndg Aggression: Coping3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall76125ED-CIFS 494 (4565)Understanding and Implementing3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall73289ED-CIFS 494 (4571)Differentiated Instruction2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72360ED-CIFS 494 (4574)Talent & Gifted: Work High Ach2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall73256ED-CIFS 494 (4575)Ethics/Safety in Ed: Guideline2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72370ED-CIFS 494 (4577)Child Abuse: Wrkng w/Ab/Neg Ch2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall74571ED-CIFS 494 (4581)Try DI: Plan & Prep Differetia2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72375ED-CIFS 494 (4582)Adv Clsrm Mgmt: Chldrn Chng Ag2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall76126ED-CIFS 594 (4565)Understanding and Implementing3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72359ED-CIFS 594 (4574)Talent & Gifted: Work High Ach2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall74573ED-CIFS 594 (4581)Try DI: Plan & Prep Differetia2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72450ED-CIFS 594 (4588)Teac Elem Math Concept New Par2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72406ED-ECS 494 (4566)Attention Deficit Disorder:2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72407ED-ECS 494 (4570)Autism & Asperger's Disorders:2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72440ED-ECS 494 (4572)Infant & Toddler Mental Health2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72408ED-ECS 494 (4573)Inclusion: Work Spec Needs Stu2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72404ED-ECS 494 (4577)Child Abuse: Wrkng w/Ab/Neg Ch2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72409ED-ECS 494 (4579)Lrng Disab:Prac Info Clsrm Tea3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72410ED-ECS 494 (4580)Bhvr Lang: Strat Mgng Dis Beh3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72405ED-ECS 494 (4582)Adv Clsrm Mgmt: Child as Chang2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72411ED-ECS 494 (4583)Educ Assess: Assess Stdt Lrng2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72412ED-ECS 494 (4584)Tchng Diversity: Influ & Issue2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72422ED-ECS 494 (4585)Reading Fundamentals I2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72425ED-ECS 494 (4586)Reading Fundamentals II2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72428ED-ECS 494 (4587)Reading Fundamentals III3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72397ED-ECS 594 (4566)Attention Deficit Disorder:2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72398ED-ECS 594 (4570)Autism & Asperger's Disorder:2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72439ED-ECS 594 (4572)Infant & Toddler Mental Health2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72399ED-ECS 594 (4573)Inclusion: Work Spec Needs Stu2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72395ED-ECS 594 (4577)Child Abuse: Wrkng w/Ab/Neg Ch2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72400ED-ECS 594 (4579)Lrng Disab:Prac Info Clsrm Tea3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72401ED-ECS 594 (4580)Bhvr Lang: Strat Mgng Disr Beh3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72396ED-ECS 594 (4582)Adv Clsrm Mgmt: Chldrn Chng Ad2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72402ED-ECS 594 (4583)Educ Assess: Assess Stdt Lrng2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72403ED-ECS 594 (4584)Tchng Diversity: Influ & Issue2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72421ED-ECS 594 (4585)Reading Fundamentals I2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72424ED-ECS 594 (4586)Reading Fundamentals II2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72427ED-ECS 594 (4587)Reading Fundamentals III3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72363ED-SPED 494 (4566)Attention Deficit Disorder:2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72364ED-SPED 494 (4570)Autism & Asperger's Disorders:2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72366ED-SPED 494 (4573)Inclusion: Work Spec Needs Stu2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72374ED-SPED 494 (4579)Lrng Disab:Prac Info Clsrm Tea3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72372ED-SPED 494 (4580)Bhvr Lang: Strat Mgng Disr Beh3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72393ED-SPED 494 (4583)Educ Assess: Assess Stdt Lrng2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72387ED-SPED 494 (4584)Tchng Diversity: Influ & Issue2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72431ED-SPED 494 (4585)Reading Fundamentals I2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72434ED-SPED 494 (4586)Reading Fundamentals II2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72437ED-SPED 494 (4587)Reading Fundamentals III3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72361ED-SPED 594 (4566)Attention Deficit Disorder:2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72362ED-SPED 594 (4570)Autism & Asperger's Disorders:2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72365ED-SPED 594 (4573)Inclusion: Work Spec Needs Stu2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72373ED-SPED 594 (4579)Lrng Disab:Prac Info Clsrm Tea3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72371ED-SPED 594 (4580)Bhvr Lang: Strat Mgng Disr Beh3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72392ED-SPED 594 (4583)Educ Assess: Assess Stdt Lrng2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72386ED-SPED 594 (4584)Tchng Diversity: Influ & Issue2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72430ED-SPED 594 (4585)Reading Fundamentals I2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72433ED-SPED 594 (4586)Reading Fundamentals II2Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72436ED-SPED 594 (4587)Reading Fundamentals III3Staff10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall75949NURS 430 (4204)Current Trends in Nursing: Preparing for Graduate Educ2Sue Odom10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall75883UF 300 (4111)Transitional Foundations3Megan Koster10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall74755UF 300 (4211)Transitional Foundations3Megan Koster10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall71961UNIV 106 (4002)Library Research1Carolyn Adams10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall73622UNIV 106 (4003)Library Research1Ellie Dworak10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall75895VS 532 (4201)Administration of Justice3Lisa Bostaph10/20/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall73111NURS 306 (4201)E-Learning Preparation1Lindsey Wallgren11/3/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall74402NURS 430 (4203)Current Trends in Nursing: Plan Finan Savvy Career/Retire1Jennifer Marsh11/3/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall76142NURS 430 (4205)Current Trends in Nursing: Plan Finan Savvy Career/Retire1Jennifer Marsh11/3/201412/12/2014
    2014 Fall72251UNIV 107 (4003)Intro to E-Learning1Joann Swanson11/3/201412/12/2014

  • Online Foundational Studies Courses

    Boise State’s Foundational Studies Program offers an integrated learning experience that illustrates the University’s commitment to undergraduate education. The courses listed below are the options available online through eCampus. For more information about Foundational Studies requirements see Foundational Studies Program.

    • ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing
    • ENGL 102 Intro to College Writing and Research

    Literature and Humanities (DLL)

    3-4 credits required

    • ASL 111-112 American Sign Language Online
    • CHINESE 101 Elementary Mandarin Chinese
    • ENGL 210 Introduction to Literature
    • FRENCH 111-112 Elementary French Online
    • HIST 101 History of Western Civilization
    • HUM 207 Introduction to Humanities
    • JAPANESE 101 Elementary Japanese
    • JAPANESE 111-112 Elementary Japanese Online
    • SPANISH 111-112 Elementary Spanish Online
    • PHIL 101 Knowledge and Reality
    • PHIL 103 Moral Problems

    Mathematics (DLM)

    3-4 credits required

    • MATH 123 Quantitative Reasoning
    • MATH 143 College Algebra
    • MATH 160 Survey of Calculus
    • MATH 254 Applied Statistics with Computers

    Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences (DLN)

    7-8 credits required (at least one lab course)

    • ANTH 103 Introduction to Archeology
    • ANTH 105 Evolution and Human Behavior
    • BIOL 100 Concepts of Biology
    • BIOL 227 Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • CHEM 100 Concepts of Chemistry
    • ENGR 100 Energy for Society
    • ENVSTD 121 Introduction to Environmental Studies

    University Foundations

    Social Sciences (DLS)

    6 credits required from two separate fields

    • CJ 103 Introduction to Law and Justice
    • ED-CIFS 201 Foundations of Education
    • ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
    • ENGL 202 Introduction to Technical Communication
    • ENVHLTH 102 Global Environmental Health
    • GEOG 102 Cultural Geography
    • HIST 102 History of Western Civilization
    • HIST 121 Eastern Civilization
    • HLTHST 102 Global Environmental Health
    • KINES 140 Personal Health
    • PSYC 101 General Psychology
    • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
    • SOC 102 Social Problems
    • SOC 230 Introduction to Multi-Ethnic Studies

    Visual and Performing Arts (DLV)

    3 credits required

    • ART 100 Introduction to Art
    • THEA 101 Introduction to Theatre
    • THEA 220 Cinema History and Aesthetics

    * UF 300 is for transfer students with an AS or AA degree or those who are Core certified. Current students who switch to the 2012 catalog and have completed their Core will be required to take UF 300 Transitional Foundations. See your academic advisor for more details.

  • To register for and view additional information about online courses at Boise State

    Including class notes, synchronous requirements, and course fees, follow the directions outlined below.

    1. Navigate to the my.BoiseState Class Search Screen

    Boise State students

    Go to and log in to your my.BoiseState Student Center account. Select Enroll, and then Class Search. Follow the Search for Online Classes directions below.

    Guest Access

    Go to To view as a guest (no log in required), in the menu on the left, choose the Guest Login link. You should arrive at the screen pictured below.

    Class Search on my.BoiseState

      1. Search for Online Classes on the Search Screen

        1. Use the drop-down menu to choose the term in which you are interested. Leave the Show Open Classes Only box checked to list classes that still have seats available. To see all classes being offered according to your search criteria, whether or not they are full, uncheck this box.
    Click the 'Term' drop-down menu and select the desired academic term.
        1. You must select at least 2 criteria to search for classes. From the Course Career drop-down menu choose “Undergraduate” or “Graduate.”
    For 'Course Career' choose 'Undergraduate' or 'Graduate' -- whichever level you need.
        1. To enter additional criteria select Additional Search Criteria.

    Additional Search Criteria

        1. Select “Internet” in the Mode of Instruction drop-down menu. You may also wish to check out “Teleweb”—another format for online courses.
    For 'Mode of Instruction' choose 'Internet' to search for online courses. A few online courses are listed as 'Teleweb.'
      • You need not fill in a subject and catalog number unless you are looking for a specific class.
      • In the Mode of Instruction drop-down menu, Internet-E refers to Online Courses for Educators. Telecourse and Videoconferencing are also eCampus modes of instruction.
      1. Click on the Search button.

    When you have made your selections, click the search button at the bottom on the screen.

      1. Important Course Information

        1. Select View All Sections or use the arrows in the blue bar to view individual sections. Click on the class section number to view details about the class.


        1. It is important to read the details associated with any class you select. If you sign up for a course, you are reserving a seat and are responsible for any fees and requirements associated with it. Consider carefully before you sign up; eCampus courses are not for everyone.
        2. Some courses may require special skills, others may require prerequisite or corequisite courses, and others may have separate sections for in-state and out-of-state students.


    For Additional Help Contact the Registrar’s Office

    Listing of eCampus Classes

    Take a look at our Course List for more information about eCampus courses and instructors.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I earn a complete degree through eCampus?

    Boise State eCampus offers two bachelor-level degree completion programs, three master programs and a full doctorate degree — all of which can be completed at a distance. For more information see eCampus Programs. At this time, full Associates and Bachelor’s degrees are not available through eCampus at Boise State University.

    What major or academic program is right for me?

    The Advising and Academic Enhancement office at Boise State offers one-on-one peer and professional academic advising for students who are undecided and have not declared a major. For more information visit the Advising and Academic Enhancement website.

    I have declared a major. How do I find an academic advisor?

    Faculty in individual academic departments provide advising for students once a major is declared. Visit the Advising Information page to search for a specific academic department.

    Do I have to be admitted to Boise State to take eCampus classes?

    Yes. You must be admitted as either a non-degree or degree-seeking student to enroll in eCampus courses or programs. For more information about admission standards, requirements and deadlines, visit the Admissions website. For a quick overview of the admission and registration process visit Getting Started with eCampus.

    Can I transfer credits from another institution?

    Yes. Boise State accepts all college-level academic credits from regionally accredited institutions. Visit the Admissions website for more information about transferring credits.

    Do I have to be an Idaho resident to take eCampus classes?

    You do not need to be an Idaho resident to take eCampus classes. You do, however, need to be an Idaho resident to qualify for in-state resident tuition rates. Requirements and procedures for declaring Idaho residency are located in the University Catalog. Information about tuition rates can be found at Student Financial Services.

    How long do eCampus classes last?

    Most eCampus classes run the full length of the semester which traditionally is 16 weeks in the fall and spring with shorter condensed sessions over the intersession and summer. Dates are listed on my.BoiseState, and the eCampus Course list page also indicates if courses have condensed meeting dates.

    How much does it cost to take an eCampus course?

    Current tuition and fees are available at the Student Financial Services website. When searching for courses on my.BoiseState, pay close attention to additional course fees listed. These course fees are, in most cases, in addition to the regular per-credit and tuition rates.

    Is the credit received through eCampus courses different from traditional, in-person courses?

    Because eCampus courses fulfill the same requirements and meet the same learning outcomes as traditional in-person courses, there is no difference in the credit received through eCampus.

    How do I access my online courses?

    Online instructors initiate contact with students by sending out a “Welcome” email. This initial email provides important course information including but not limited to:

    • Instructor introduction
    • Instructions for accessing the online course website
    • A copy of the course syllabus
    • Important course policies
    • Reminders about university dates and deadlines
    • Instructor and course expectations
    • Technical requirements
    • Support information

    Look for this “Welcome” email before or on the first day of the semester. Once you receive this email, access your online courses as soon as possible. If you do not receive an email, you should either contact the instructor of the course or the eCampus Center.

    Is tutoring available for eCampus students?

    Yes. For more information please see the Advising and Academic Enhancement’s Tutoring Information page.

    I am a high school student interested in taking an online class. Can I apply to Boise State?

    You may be able to register for Boise State eCampus classes as a high school student through our concurrent enrollment program. For more details see Boise State Concurrent Enrollment.