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The Boise State eCampus Center is located in the Ron & Linda Yanke Research Park building at 220 E. Parkcenter Blvd., just east of the Parkcenter and Beacon intersection.

For general inquiries, or if you aren’t sure where to start, email or call 208-426-5745.

Customer and Program Services

Carolyn Quintero photo

Carolyn Quintero

Student Services Coordinator
(208) 426-5745

Sandy Howell photo

Sandy Howell

Technical Records Specialist
(208) 426-4216

John Newhouse photo

John Newhouse

Program Services Coordinator
(208) 426-5622

Shari Stroud photo

Shari Stroud

Manager of Customer Services
(208) 426-5918

Alan Copeland photo

Alan Copeland

eCampus Center Data Analyst
(208) 426-5964

Kathy Pidjeon picture

Kathy Pidjeon

Regulatory Affairs Coordinator
(208) 426-3734

Jori Ford photo

Jori Ford

Program Development Manager
(208) 426-3736

Instructional Design Services

Allan Heaps photo

Allan Heaps

Manager and Senior Instructional Design Consultant
(208) 426-5917

Noreen Beckie photo

Noreen Beckie

Senior Instructional Design Consultant
(208) 426-5908

Corinna Provant-Robishaw photo

Corinna Provant-Robishaw

Senior Instructional Design Consultant
(208) 426-5904

Daren Olson photo

Daren Olson

Instructional Design Consultant
(208) 426-5951

Josh Malan photo

Josh Malan

Instructional Design & Multimedia Developer
(208) 426-5958

Nate Locke photo

Nate Locke

Instructional Design Consultant
(208) 426-5443

Crystal Nielsen photo

Crystal Nielsen

Instructional Design Consultant & eQIP Coordinator
(208) 426-4223

Eulho Jung photo

Eulho Jung

Instructional Design Consultant/Research & Retention Analyst
(208) 426-5965

Kelly Anderson, eCampus, faculty/staff, studio portrait

Kelly Anderson

Instructional Design Specialist
(208) 426-5914

Lisa Berry, ECampus, studio portrait

Lisa Berry

Instructional Design Consultant Team Manager
(208) 426-5451

Nicolle Dickey photo

Nicolle Dickey

Instructional Design Consultant
(208) 426-3801

Heather Sanders photo

Heather Sanders

Instructional Design Consultant
(208) 426-3834

Eric Regner photo

Eric Regner

Production Team Manager
(208) 426-5437

Mary Barker, Extended Studies, Studio Portrait

Mary Barker

Project Manager
(208) 426-5452

Mike Lopez photo

Mike Lopez

Web Developer
(208) 426-5442

Whitney Gill photo

Whitney Gill

Quality Assurance Coordinator
(208) 426-3740

Student Assistants

Jasmine King photo

Jasmine King

Elementary Education
Class of 2019

Jz Marrero photo

Jz Marrero

Theater and English
Class of 2019

Alex Regner photo

Alex Regner

Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2017

Chandra Reyna photo

Chandra Reyna

Sociology and Ethnic Studies
Class of 2019

Avery Roberts photo

Avery Roberts

Social Science
Class of 2016

eCampus Administration

Janet Atkinson picture

Janet Atkinson

eCampus Center
(208) 426-1689

Kelley Brandt picture

Kelley Brandt

Associate Director eCampus Center
(208) 426-5962

Christine Bauer photo

Christine Bauer

Assistant Director eCampus Center
(208) 426-5903

Dalton Routh photo

Dalton Routh

Business Manager eCampus Center
(208) 426-5430

Carol Nickel photo

Carol Nickel

Financial Technician
(208) 426-5961

Brittany McEwen, ECampus, studio portrait

Brittany McEwen

Administrative Assistant 1
(208) 426-5906